We are your storytellers, Aaron and Andrea Miller. We are wedding videographers, based out of Dallas, Texas and serving couples around the globe.

At the root of what we do is our faith.

We believe God created each and every one of us with unique gifts, talents, and stories. We feel called to use our talents to honor others as they celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives. Everything we do springs from this place.

We passionately believe in being your biggest supporter on your wedding day. You’re crying? We’re crying. You’re partying? We’re partying. We are here to capture your day in the most authentic way that we can. We are not intrusive or overly posed, but invest in just the right amount of relationship that allows us to enter into those places of happy tears and overwhelming joy.

Things we like:

  • Jesus
  • Our Dog
  • Movies and Binging Nextflix
  • Local Food and Coffee
  • Traveling the World Together
  • Bourbon
  • Football
  • Aggies - Gig 'em!

Meet the Filmmakers

Aaron Miller

Lead Filmmaker and Editor

Since I was young I have always had a heart to create. For most of my life I practiced this through music. As I got older, my capacity to create diminished as I got caught up in my career in the corporate world. Eventually I realized creating was an integral part of who God made me to be. I began taking on hobbies that allowed me to get back into music while also dabbling in filmmaking. I finally felt like myself again, and in 2019 I left my full time job to pursue filmmaking full time. Wedding filmmaking has been the perfect blend for me to use both my technical skills and creative gifts.

The greatest joy of this work is getting to know our amazing couples and building a personal relationship with them so we can create a truly unique film that reflects who they are. I have also really enjoyed using my love for cinema to create wedding films that haven’t been made before and utilizing editing techniques that aren’t seen in your typical films.

Andrea Miller

Business & Camera Operations

I was just the sugar momma supporting this endeavor when it began. I enjoyed filming weddings with Aaron and loved watching him do something he loves, but I thought that is where my involvement with the business ended. However, the Lord had other plans and through small heart changes over time I got brave enough to leave my stable job to join By The Miller full time. I never considered myself a natural creative, but with lots of practice and a good teacher it is something I have come to find true joy in. My type A personality still needs a healthy dose of timeline planning, bookkeeping, and spreadsheets, but I couldn’t be happier to be on this journey. I can’t wait to keep chasing it wherever it leads.

The greatest joy of this work is capturing the little moments that your typical wedding guest doesn't get to see. The emotional moments with family or the hype energy between friends. I get to have a front row seat to watch all the love between and also for the couple on their wedding day. Plus I get to capture it for generations to come.